The History of JUMV International Automotive Conference



The History of JUMV International Automotive Conference was published in FISITA Insidetrack issue#18, page #10_JUMV section of the FISITA web page in July, 2014. 


Since then, two consecutive conferences took place:


25th JUMV International Automotive Conference Belgrade 2015


26th JUMV International Automotive Conference Belgrade 2017


The next 27th JUMV International Automotive Conference 2019  is preliminary drafted to be held in Belgrade, on 24-25 April 2019.




Preliminary Scheduling of the 2019 JUMV Conference






Wishing you Healthy and Prosperius New Year 2018 we would like to inform you that the scheduling of the 2019 JUMV Conference is in due course.

More details will be available shortly!







2017 JUMV Conference closed : 60+ participants from almost 20 different countries




26th JUMV International Automotive Conference SCIENCE & MOTOR VEHICLES 2017 has come to an end.


More than 60 participants were representing almost 20 different countries, and delivering 33 scientific and professional papers.


All papers are printed in the CD Proceedings JUMV-SP-1701.


Book of Abstracts was also printed separately.


For more information about 2017 Conference please visit http::/
















FINAL CONFERENCE PROGRAMME with the List of Papers is now available for download




Final CONFERENCE PROGRAMME with the Final List of Papers is now available for download from  HERE!

First Announcement with the Call for Papers is now available for download


First Announcement with the Call for Papers is now available for download from here!

Conference Topics


The Conference topics include:

  • Safety –  Vehicle & Traffic Safety, ADAS, Autonomous Driving, Braking,  Accident Reconstruction & Analyses (AutoForIng 2017), Safety Regulations,

  • Simulation in Automotive Engineering (AutoSim 2017),

  • Advanced Propulsion & Powertrain – IC engines, Power Transmissions,…,

  • Emissions, Ecology, Alternative Energy, EV/HEV, Environment Protection,…,

  • Advanced Engineering Methods & Tools, and

  • Automotive Logistics – Maintenance, After Sales, Reliability, PLC, LMC, LCC,…


FISITA Patronage granted to the Conference








The Conference is granted with the  FISITA Patronage


fisita patronage


2017 JUMV Automotive Conference Belgrade 19/20 April 2017


The next 26th International 2017 JUMV Automotive Conference will take place in Belgrade on 19/20 April 2017.


In 2017 this Conference will celebrate its 50th Anniversary.


Reference information concerning precedent Conference will still be kept in this web page, but you can also visit for the last year Conference, but also for the Conference that was held in 2013, and so forth.


Conference Organizer sincerely hopes this information is bringing certain value to you. We wish you all the best for the New Year 2016.



25th JUMV International Automotive Conference “Science and Motor Vehicles 2015”



The 25th JUMV International Automotive Conference “Science and Motor Vehicles 2015” took place in Belgrade, Capital of Serbia, on April 14-15, 2015, in Belgrade Crown Plaza Hotel.


This two day Vehicle Safety dedicated Conference comprised following Technical & Special Sessions:


VIP / Invited Speaker Session

AutoSim 2015 – Simulations in Automotive Engineering

SAF – Safety

5E – Engines, Emissions, Ecology, Environment & Energy

AETT – Advanced Engineering Techniques & Tools, and

AL – Automotive Logistics.

40 technical papers were presented by authors from + 20 countries.


Upon general opinion of participants, that was an excellent event which was meeting expectations of all participants .


Next Conference will take place on 19/20 April 2017 to celebrate the 50 Years On Anniversary.


Both CD-ROM Proceedings JUMV-SP-1501 and Book of Abstracts  JUMV-SP-1502 are available upon request to 


Here you can take a look at the Conference Room and the audience on the first and the second Conference day.

Audience#0_SDC10098 Audience#00_SDC10099








There are also some photos from the VIP and Safety Sessions






Final Conference Programme Now Completed


Final Conference Programme is now completed – download it from here!

More than 40 papers prepared by authors from more than 20 different countries all arounf the globe will be presented in 6 special sessions dedicated to the following topics:

  • AutoSim – Simulation in Automotive Engineering (Tuesday, 14 April 2015)
  • Automotive Safety (Tuesday/Wednesday, 14/15 April 2015)
  • Automotive Logistics (Wednesday, 15 April 2015)
  • Automotive Engineering Technics & Tools (Wednesday, 14/15 April 2015)
  • 5E – Engines, Emission, Ecology, Energy, Enironment (Wednesday, 14/15 April 2015)

In particular, there will be a session called VIP / Guest Speaker to be held on Tuesday, 14 April 2015